Conducting a newborn exam.

Conducting a newborn exam.

The most important maternity decision you make is where to give birth and with whom.  As your birth attendant, Cindy Morrow's primary role is to be with you through your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Certified Professional Midwives are trained specifically for out-of-hospital birth. Your choice influences not only the care you receive, but also the options you have during your labor and birth.  Where you chose to birth greatly effects how your baby is welcomed and treated their first moments Earth-side and influences the degree to which you are involved with decisions about your care.

The Midwifery Model of Care differs from current obstetrics in that it assumes a healthy, well-nourished woman is not only built for birth, but completely capable to birth safely and naturally.  Midwives view healthy pregnancy and birth as normal life events, and are uniquely trained and experienced to maximize your comfort, safety and autonomy.

When you chose a home birth midwife, you chose more than a caregiver, you chose a relationship. Your prenatal care is built on education, trust and mutual respect, so that when your birthing time comes, its only natural for you to look to and trust your midwife.

Schedule a free one-hour consultation with Cindy on the Contact page. Bring all your questions and concerns and we will address them. I attend births within 1-2 hours' drive of Woodstock, GA. 



Healthy newborn care birth to six weeks is part of midwifery. 

 Granddaughter Violet. her Momma rocked her HBAC!

Granddaughter Violet. her Momma rocked her HBAC!


In addition to my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) I hold certifications in NRP (CPR for babies) and CPR,  and am trained in Perinatal Mental Health with Postpartum Support International. I am also a Certified Childbirth Educator and have specialty training in pelvic floor rehab.

I also write freelance. Here's an article published in Midwifery Today Magazine about the fabulous doctor who backs up local home birth attendants.