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My name is Cindy Morrow and I began my journey to home birth midwifery with my first two natural, unmedicated hospital births. You could say those were my ‘gateway’ births; I just knew there had to be a better way! It didn't seem to me birth needed to be in a hospital-I wasn't sick!  Consequently, our third daughter was born at home with a trained community midwife; our fourth daughter was an unassisted ‘free birth’, caught by her Daddy.

After I homeschooled our daughters for twenty-three years, I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and cared for hospice and traumatic brain injury victims. I and am self-taught/still learning in holistic nutrition & healing. I also volunteer as a Chapter Leader for the Cherokee County branch of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I worked for six years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Cherokee County. I also write freelance & my debut novel was published the summer of 2013.

My midwifery training took me to the cornfields of Wisconsin and Iowa where I was privileged to work with Amish and Mennonite women, then to the organic valleys of Oregon and the sun-soaked suburbs of California.  I had the remarkable opportunity to work under seventeen phenomenal Sr. Midwives across the USA during my training, shaping the way I would eventually practice.

Whether in a hospital surgery, a three-bedroom home with A/C, an Amish farmhouse lit with gas lamps, or in the middle of a medicinal marijuana farm under the clear night sky, birth is the same: sacred in every way, & I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be invited into a woman's space & her story.  

I have been married to my boyfriend for thirty-eight years. We have four grown daughters, seven granddaughters and a grandson. We are a fertile clan!

I love the opportunity to be a channel of tenderness & encouragement with women & their families.  I consider birth sacred, & the invitation to be present, a gift.

Listen as I chat with Hellions’ host, Ray, on the most important decisions you’ll make about your birth.

Below are bios of my Student Midwife and trained Assistants; should you hire me, you would have the chance to meet your Birth Team during prenatal visits.

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Zoe Das, Student Midwife

Zoe Das is a Certified Birth Doula, Perinatal Educator, & Trained Midwife Assistant. The Northern suburbs of Atlanta have been her home for the past 20 years, off & on. She was raised overseas in a missionary family & then again lived overseas as a young adult. In her free time she loves to be outdoors with her husband & two children, participate in church and nonprofit activities, travel internationally, & study birth. She is currently a student at Midwives College of Utah on her path to become a Certified Professional Midwife. Zoe's approach to birth is gentle and intuitive. She recognizes the upside-down system that we have taken on in the USA with the "medicalization" of pregnancy & birth. She is therefore committed to training in the field of home birth midwifery & educating women regarding their rights & options as mothers. Zoe has been assisting Cindy since 2016 and started as a Student in 2019, with a goal of becoming a CPM by 2021. Click here to take advantage of Zoe’s discounted pregnancy/birth services for clients of Birth Servant.


Sherri Wilkerson

Sherri is a former high school English teacher -turned DONA certified birth doula, a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, postpartum doula and midwife assistant.

She is gearing up to pursue a degree in midwifery & certification as a home birth midwife, because mothering four children & being a wife to an Army chaplain doesn’t keep her busy enough.

The first time Sherri attended a home birth, her eyes were opened to the choice of calm, intervention-free labor & birth for low-risk pregnant women. Although she has attended close to 200 hospital births, the home birth experience is truly what resonates within her heart.

Sherri & her husband are parents to four magnificent humans, all of whom know more about pregnancy, labor & birth than the average person…which makes for scintillating, if not sometimes inappropriate, supper table conversations.

Sherri has an enormous capacity for empathy & believes this is her greatest asset as a birth assistant & eventual midwife.

Kristen Reece

I had my own home birth in December 2016, and ever since I have been in love. I was DONA trained in August 2015 & since then I have attended various kinds of birth, such as medicated & unmedicated, vaginal & cesarean, hospital & home births, VBAC, induction, multiples, and water birth. In addition to my assistant work, I am a birth doula and CLC. I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s in Integrative Studies with concentrations in Health and Spanish.

Outside of my work, I am married to the most amazing man and mother to two beautiful baby boys. I love all things breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering/ECing, real food, outdoors, and all things crunchy.


Stefanie Kelly

My name is Stefanie Kelly & in addition to being a trained Midwifery Assistant I am also a birth and postpartum doula, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. I am also a mama to a sweet 2-year-old girl.

Like so many birth workers before me, I became passionate about birth during my own pregnancy and postpartum period. Since then, I have felt an undeniable call to help support women through pregnancy, birth, & postpartum. I truly believe that the woman’s body & what it is capable of, both mentally and physically, is a true testament to the underlying strength and beauty of the birthing experience.

Stefanie Kelly, Doula, Lamaze Educator, Placenta Specialist