Birth With Benefits

While it may sound redundant--the benefit of birth is your new Little Squish--there are some birth experiences that come with multiple benefits. When you choose Cindy Morrow, Birth Servant, as your birth attendant, besides the

  • one-on-one 45-60 minute prenatal visits with individualized care and

  • birth in your home with a top-notch birth team and

  • in-home post partum visits after birth

besides all the above, here is a short list (some things not lised) of Birth Servant's 'Birth With Benefits':

  • Child Birth Education classes your way: in your home, on your schedule! Mama Natural Birth- Birth Servant Mommas get 50% off the listed price, so there is no reason NOT to sign up. Taught by the makers of Sh*t Crunchy Mommas Say , you will LYAO while preparing for your birthing day. $148-208 value, depending on your choice.

  • Child Birth Education, Part 2- How to Have an Indie Birth: This 5-class educational, empowering course will take you to your best birth, whether you home birth or hospital birth.  Birth Servant Mommas get the course for $100 instead of $300. Watch and learn in the privacy of your home, on your schedule.

  • Pregnancy, week-to-week- a weekly update on your growing baby.

  • Eight Keys to a Natural Birth Webinar-a great resource to start you on the road to a natural birth.

  • This fabulous mini course in optimal nutrition for pregnancy.

  • Kelly the Kitchen Kop's 'Real Food for Rookies' class-Birth Servant Mommas get access to this wonderful primer on cooking with traditional ingredients (food) with loads of resources to help stretch your food dollars. A $149 value

  • Beautiful Babies-Birth Servant Mommas get access to this cutting-edge online nutrition course. $199 value

  • Herbal tinctures-Cindy makes her own organic tinctures and shares with you as needed. A $20++ value, depending on need

  • NORA tea-Nettles, Oatstraw, Red Raspberry and Alfalfa combine to make a nutrient dense, tonifying and relaxing infusion. Included in your care. A $20+ value.

  • Birth Kit-a $45 value, included in your global fee.

  • Random potions/supplements/food-whether vitamin C, her homemade elderberry syrup, kombucha, yogurt or a jar of bone broth, if you need it and she has it, Cindy will likely feed you and send you home with it. "Love the Momma, love the Baby," as she says, and does.

Does your care giver offer 'Birth with Benefits'?


Pregnancy, week-to-week- click here for a free weekly update on your growing baby.