Join the Village Women of Woodstock three times a year as we meet to listen, talk and learn about all things holistic and womanly:  infertility, the fourth trimester, natural family planning, PMS, natural menstrual products, breastfeeding & homemade formula, poverty and pregnancy, co-sleeping, baby wearing...the topics are as varied and endless as we are as women. No one ever selling anything; just local women gathering. You are invited! Come!


Mama Natural Birth - Child Birth Education classes your way: in your home & on your own schedule! Clients of Birth Servant get 50% off the listed price, so there is no reason NOT to sign up. Taught by the makers of Sh*t Crunchy Mommas Say. You will LYAO while preparing for your birthing day.
How to Have an Indie Birth - Are you interested in discovering how your birth can be the most powerful experience of your life? This 5-class educational, empowering course will take you to your best birth, whether you home birth or hospital birth. Anyone can get the course for $100 (instead of $300) by clicking here. Watch and learn in the privacy of your home and on your schedule.
Childbirth class for the other half (included in your care with Birth Servant).
Click here for a free, weekly update on your growing baby.
Natural Breastfeeding - a quick-start video to Natural Breastfeeding: watch it while you are pregnant to avoid THE most common mistakes even experienced Mommas make. In this instructive video, Dr. Theresa Nesbitt and Nancy Mohrbacher give great advice and demos on ways to optimize your breastfeeding experience and avoid myths that can sabotage your breastfeeding relationship.  

Useful Organizations

North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) - This is the national certifying organization for CPMs.                                                                 Georgia Birth Network - GBN supports both birth professionals and pregnant women: find doulas, chiropractors, acupuncturists and more. 
Georgia Midwifery Association (GMA)
Weston A. Price Foundation - A nutritional, educational foundation. I am the Chapter Leader for Cherokee County.
Postpartum Support International - I have trained with this organization. - Another resource for postpartum support with Jenna Carberg.
Postpartum Dads - Helps dads and families by providing firsthand information and guidance through the experience of PPD.

When You Need a Little Help

Meal Prep Guide
My baby's crying! What does she want? Click here to watch a woman who thinks she knows.
Kelly Mom - Online Breastfeeding Help
Science and Sensibility - A research blog about healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Here's a free e-book for when you are ready, to help you safely and sanely get in to the best postpartum shape.

About Baby's Position - Help with Optimal Positioning

Chiropractic Care - Get and keep baby in optimal position.
Spinning Babies - Optimal baby - positioning advice/tools/support.
Do this circuit to support a healthy, physiological birth.
Katy Says - Great resource on good body alignment.

Georgia Breastfeeding Resources

La Leche League of Georgia
Eats On Feets - Georgia (Facebook Page)

Breastfeeding Help Inside the Perimeter

Breastfeed Atlanta - Full service breastfeeding resource
Atlanta Breastfeeding Consultants - Board Certified Lactation Consultants

Breastfeeding Help North of the Perimeter

Anne Grider, IBCLC - Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Pump Rental - 770.516.6754
Baby Steps - Breastfeeding classes
Kristen Reece, CLC - Certified Lacation Counselor
Yolanda Kadima, IBCLC - Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Breastfeeding Classes
Lactation Consultants of Atlanta - Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Classes, Pump Rental


Expertise and warmth. The best circumcision for your son.