“You, Cindy, were with me every step of the way, encouraging and supporting me in the way that I needed. You and your team made my home birth a good experience. I am so very grateful for your presence and kindness and support. You were the kind of midwife I always wanted… YOU are a wonderful, wonderful midwife, and every laboring woman is lucky to have you attend to her and her baby. I am happy you are out in the world, tending to mamas and babies, because you are so good at it. I just love you. That is the main message here. Thank you, always.” —Brook 

I had my 4th baby in June with Cindy’s guidance & support! This was my first home birth, & it was an exceptional experience! Her wisdom & understanding of the whole body was exactly what I needed - pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, planning, mental & emotional health, & the list goes on! We had many conversations about postpartum & what that would look like for me. I’m so thankful she did! Healthy freezer meals, plans, schedules, cleaning, kids, postpartum care, it all was thought out & planned through pregnancy so that recovery was amazing & I could do the things that mattered after delivery - feed me & feed the baby! :) The. Best. Experience. I will cherish those bed snuggles memories the first week my baby was born!
— Brittany Holbrook
I am so thankful for the postpartum plan that we made!!! Getting that rest for my body & skin to skin snuggle time was EVERYTHING! You should hear David gush about how amazing home birth & more importantly post partum rest is (especially at home). Thank you!!! Can’t wait to do it again in the future :)
— Jacqueline Gonzalez-Higgins
I am so grateful that I listened to Cindy’s recommended postpartum rest & recover advice. 5 days in bed, 5 days around the bed, 5 days later using stairs/walking around the house. Instead of confining myself to my bedroom, I did have my husband help me up & down the stairs to help me set up camp on the living room couch for the day & back up to bed for the night. I nursed baby lying on my side for the first few weeks as well to take any additional strain off of myself. I can tell that giving my body that special and NEEDED recovery time this go around accelerated my recovery compared to my first 2 births. I decided to give my body that time because I knew that I would never get that time back. I wish more mommas would also allow themselves the same intensive rest time. I know this is made possible by planning ahead months before baby comes. For me, that meant my husband setting up paternity leave, having conversations with my MIL & mother to set up childcare so that my husband could only be caring for baby & me during week one. I made dozens of freezer meals & frozen bone broth. We had a meal train set up from church & a second one set up from my SIL. Rest is so important even if lying on the couch/bed for days sounds extreme in today’s busy society, I believe it’s actually quite imperative & I absolutely advocate for it. Thank you, Cindy, for your incredible & sage advice!
— Laura Schleier
This is SO important! When Patrick was born (with the help of Cindy), I was the sole bread winner putting my hubby through college & it was hard & we didn’t know how to make it work. We just knew that we HAD to! Freezer meals, ordering groceries online, calling everyone I could to come help take care of our one year old, making sure hubby & I were on the same page about me having to recover & him taking on extra work...it was so worth it! Every mama needs a provider that helps them plan not just for birth, but for life afterwards.
— Allie Dotson
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